The first success brought about by the treatment is for women to feel comfortable, understood and accompanied

Our goal: to overcome doubts and fear and establish a gratifying bond.

Crossing the threshold of an assisted reproduction clinic is usually preceded by months of doubt, anxiety and a search for responses with respect to why and how to solve the problem of infertility.

“It is quite normal for a woman to believe that she is the only one in this situation and that no-one can understand it. Nowadays, this is happening to thousands of women and our mission is precisely to help them overcome their doubts and fear and establish a gratifying emotional bond with them.” In these words, Olga Bautista, who works as a psychologist in Eugin Clinic – one of the first Assisted Reproduction centres in Europe – tells us about her everyday activities in Eugin.

“For this reason,” she goes on to say, “it is important that when they come to our centre, they feel as comfortable as possible.” Bautista then continues “This is the only way we can help them accept the treatment in a positive way. In short, this is our goal and the area on which Eugin Clinic focuses all its efforts.  We believe that for the treatment to be successful, women must be comfortable, understood and accompanied.” she concludes.

For several years now, Eugin Clinic attaches great importance to emotions and to thinking about people and not patients, analysing how they feel, how they live and how they express what they are going through…. Our first objective is for women to feel supported and understood at each phase of the process.

One must understand what the patient feels

According to Bautista, in order to achieve this ideal situation “we make every attempt to understand how a woman feels and generate as much empathy with her as possible, in order to establish a bond, a certain degree of complicity. To achieve this, we must know how to listen to and understand complex situations and personal circumstances and those of each couple that are involved in each case.

We try to offer them the best responses, the best support and the most appropriate information at each particular time. In short, we aim to approach each woman and understand her state of mind, actively listen to her and set up that special, gratifying bond through which relations flow in order to make the treatment easier. This is the philosophy based on which Eugin Clinic has been working since 2011, when all our employees received special training about empathy.”

Without going any further and to paraphrase the words of Valérie Vernaeve, director of Eugin, “the greatest satisfaction we could have is to see a woman leave our clinic with a big smile on her face. That is our goal and our leit motiv”.

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