Endocrine disruptors: why and how to avoid them

Draw up a list of all the products you use every day that contain endocrine disruptors and replace them progressively

Endocrine disruptors are chemical substances or compounds capable of modifying the functioning of the hormonal system. They imitate, block or modify the authentic hormones and alter their functioning. They can have consequences for the male and female reproductive system, in addition to being in the spotlight due to the possibility of their causing allergies, cancers, neurological problems, genetic abnormalities, diabetes and obesity … According to the WHO, more than 800 products are suspected of being endocrine disrupters. They are all around us. We breathe them in, we ingest them and we apply them to the skin. We have them in food products, in cosmetics, clothes, medicines, furniture, computers and plastic. They are even in baby bottles!

If you want to get pregnant, it is recommended to avoid them during the pre-pregnancy period and pregnancy. To protect ourselves from them, we must try to change our lifestyle and consumption habits. Following a few simple guidelines you can succeed in getting rid of many of them. Start with the bathroom, where there are a great many cosmetics that contain them. Use natural products or biological products for your personal cleanliness, without chemical preservatives. Try even to make your beauty products yourself, there are lots of easy formulas on the Internet!

For the home, use simple and effective products such as vinegar, baking soda or black soap. With these three you will have enough to clean your entire house in a healthy and ecological way.

In the same way, whenever you can, choose foods that have been organically farmed and check the labels of the food products you buy. Choose fresh or frozen products instead of preserves. Store your food in glass or ceramic containers rather than in plastic. What’s more, forget plastic in general. Give preference to wooden or unpolished materials to furnish your home as well as everyday objects.

Draw up a list of all the products you use every day that contain endocrine disruptors and replace them progressively

It is also important to do sport to sweat and eliminate toxins. There is no point in becoming an elite athlete overnight. Walk a little every day, do some cycling on weekends, or yoga … in this way, you will be helping both your body and your mind!

It is not necessary to demonstrate the effects of endocrine disrupters on female and male fertility disorders. Fortunately, assisted reproduction techniques are able to counteract the damage caused, to ensure that your dream of getting pregnant will definitely come true. Nevertheless, the foetus that will develop in the womb and the baby that comes into the world deserves to grow up in as healthy an environment as possible and without pollutants. By protecting yourself now from these toxic substances, you are giving your baby a healthy future where nothing will be able to alter your joy of seeing it grow alongside you…Frédérique Vincent
After finishing her studies, Frédérique Vincent packs her bags and goes to England. While there, she meets her future husband. They marry in 2008. The months and years go by very quickly without any sign of pregnancy. At first, it doesn’t matter: they are very busy with their leisure time, sports, travel. Then the desire to have a child becomes an obsession. When fertility treatment begins, she decides to start writing her diary of an infertile woman. Very quickly, her circle encourages her to continue giving her testimony … She is currently a mother of three and author of La Promesse du mois, a book which serves as a testimony to infertility.

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