I’m married to a woman and we want to be mothers

Published: 4 December 2018|Last updated: 11 June 2019|Techniques and treatments, Testimonials.|

Discover the treatment that best suits your situation: the ROPA Method

More and more women are married to female partners who turn to the ROPA Method (Reception of Oocytes from the PArtner), which consists of an in vitro fertilisation treatment where both play their role throughout the process. At Eugin, of course, we have this treatment available for all those women who want to share their motherhood.

What is the ROPA Method?

The ROPA Method, which is an Assisted Reproduction treatment, is a variation of IVF where both women are actively involved in the pregnancy. That is, instead of using her own eggs or those of a donor, the birth mother will use her female partner’s eggs. Thus, both become mothers: one will have her oocytes extracted, which will be fertilised with donor sperm (biological mother) and the other will be inseminated with the embryo or embryos and will be the birth mother, who becomes pregnant.

Why is the ROPA Method worthwhile?

Because both of you play an important role in your quest for the baby and so you are sharing motherhood. Although the sperm will be from a donor, which is natural, you will not only share the emotional factor that binds you, but also the future baby will have genetic tissue from both of you. No assisted reproduction treatment resembles a natural pregnancy so much!

Stages of the ROPA Method

In this infographic you will discover all the stages of the treatment, step by step.


As you can see, there is practically no obstacle stopping you from becoming a baby’s mum, the only requirement is that you are married. So every married female couple can undergo the ROPA Method. If it is already clear to you, ask for your appointment with your doctor and if you still have doubts, contact our specialists, who will give you guidance on the best way.

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