Genetic Compatibility Test: what is it?

The test makes it possible to detect whether the father or mother are carriers of a disease of genetic origin and thereby reduce the risk of passing on that disease to their future children

At Eugin, we are not just concerned about helping future mums to get pregnant; we are also concerned about the health of the child who is going to be born. For this reason, we offer all our patients the chance to undergo the Genetic Compatibility Test before starting their treatment.

The Genetic Compatibility Test is a blood or saliva DNA study of the future parents, which allows us to detect whether the man or the woman are carriers of a genetic disease and can therefore pass it on to their children.

According to our experience, practically 1 in 2 patients undergoing the test at Eugin is a carrier of a hereditary genetic disease without knowing it – which means that even though they carry the disease, they will not actually develop it. Find out more

In this infographic we explain what the possible results of the Genetic Compatibility Test are.

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