Assisted Reproduction Protocols: making sure we get it right

The existence of regulated processes throughout the treatment coupled with strict control systems eliminates any room for confusion

Starting out on the road to motherhood is a great adventure that sometimes requires assisted reproduction to help parents-to-be achieve their longed-for pregnancy. It is an exciting and hope-filled process, which involves the experience and knowledge of a well-trained team who always act under strict protocols, all of which have been designed for the sole purpose of making sure we get it right in a process that does not allow for mistakes: the conception of a future baby.

With over 15 years’ experience and more than 20,000 babies born across the entire world, Eugin has a proven track record that has allowed it to develop and apply stringent safety protocols that regulate each of its processes during each and every one of the treatments it performs.

Control systems that reinforce security throughout the entire EUGIN process

In the laboratory: the team’s personalised training

Excellent training is an indispensable requirement for any laboratory technician, embryologist or team member involved in an in vitro fertilisation process. “The performance of these people has a direct impact on the treatment outcome, and therefore, on patient care,” explains Dr. Rita Vassena, Eugin’s scientific director. “For this reason, in our laboratory no one participates directly in a process until he or she reaches a thorough level of learning and training that fits in with our quality parameters.”

In fact, this exhaustive method of training has recently been published in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, one of the sector’s main media publications, and shared in numerous international meetings with the medical and scientific community.

Follow-up of the whole team’s actions

A capable and well-trained team is essential, but to ensure their excellence during the execution of their tasks, follow-up is necessary. To this end, all interventions carried out by Eugin’s team, ranging from doctors, nurses and biologists to embryologists and laboratory technicians, are subject to monitoring control that minimizes the risk of confusion and ensures that the patient receives the best care and treatment throughout the entire process.

Integrated Quality Management

Right from the very beginning, Eugin has strongly opted for the quality, safety and control of all its processes. In fact, it was the first European healthcare facility to obtain the Total Quality Management seal from the German certification provider, TÜV, which includes the international certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and OSHAS. This commitment to quality and safety recognized by external entities responds to a permanent willingness to subject itself to the highest standards of control, which can be verified on a regular basis.

The identity of the patient under control

For our patients’ peace of mind, Eugin’s laboratories are equipped with an electronic control system, which matches the egg, sperm and embryo samples of each and every one of our patients to their identity through the use of personal and non-transferable microchips.

Eugin was the first healthcare facility in Spain and one of the first in Europe to implement this technology. After three years of implementation and having performed more than 20,000 cycles of in vitro fertilisation, this security system provides great reassurance to patients as well as to the clinic’s own team.

Double control barrier

In addition to the sophisticated electronic control system of patient samples there are three specialists who check each and every sample of semen, oocytes or embryos used in each treatment throughout the whole process.

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