“Getting such a close look at the laboratory made an impression on me: the place where so many dreams have come true”

This is the experience of Alfred Davies, a young man of 20 conceived thanks to assisted reproduction, during his recent visit to Eugin Clinic

“The time I spent during my visit to Eugin Clinic is an experience I will never forget. For me, who was conceived by assisted reproduction, the opportunity to see how a fertility clinic operates from within was really fascinating.

The visit to the laboratory: the beginning of potential lives

One of the moments that really caught my attention, for many reasons, was when I could see the laboratory with one of its specialists first hand. The technology used there is amazing: it looks like a futuristic movie! Huge nitrogen tanks storing eggs, sperm and embryos, all with a self-regulating temperature in order to ensure that the samples are safely preserved. The laboratory also has a safety system, so the identity of the samples is not just checked manually, but there is also a microchip that monitors everything through wireless technology, thereby eliminating any risk of error. All this, in turn, ensures that patients feel more relaxed throughout the process.

What impressed me most, without a shadow of a doubt, was being able to see a live ICSI, and realize that this was the beginning of a potential life. And, above all, the laboratory is the place where many dreams have come true, and according to how the technology develops, where even more will do so.

Emotions: a step further

During my visit, I also had the opportunity to meet Eugin Clinic’s team of psychologists. The emotional support during fertility treatment plays a very important role in the process. Because of the international nature of Eugin clinic, the team of psychologists has gone a step further in order to ensure the patients’ comfort throughout the process, taking into account not just each patient’s specific needs, but the cultural and linguistic aspects too.

For many parents, one of the key points regarding the emotional aspects is the difficulty in explaining the concept of assisted reproduction to their children. The psychologists showed me several books that are used to help parents in this regard, and this level of detail in patient care made a real impression on me. Assisted reproduction has become increasingly common, and parents today are provided with more means of support, especially with the existence of clinics like Eugin, who really understand the complexity of what they are dealing with on a daily basis. I hope this means that we are going to hear more open views on these issues, as this would help reduce the emotional stress for those who undergo fertility treatment.

I have known that I was conceived by assisted reproduction for as long as I can remember. Throughout my life, it has been a source of pride for me, and a source of interest to others, and having had the chance to know Eugin Clinic firsthand has only strengthened this pride. With technology advancing day by day, and the ever-increasing awareness of this area, the future looks really good.”

Alfred Davies

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