Letter from a patient: Thanks a million

Today we are publishing a recent letter from a patient who has conveyed her appreciation to us. These are her words

 “To the entire Eugin Clinic team,

With this letter I wanted to say, “Thanks a million for everything!”

I didn’t have much hope of ever becoming a mother until I went to your clinic. I put my trust in your team and you listened to me throughout my entire treatment and pregnancy.

I have had moments of doubt and I’ve asked myself plenty of questions, but you have always known how to find the words to reassure me in the most difficult moments: You were a great support and you gave me back my hope of becoming a mother!

Today I have a gorgeous baby boy in my arms, who I have called Ugo. He is a great joy, I never tire of looking at his little face, his huge expressive eyes, his beautiful little mouth, his tiny hands and feet … I relish each and every one of his smiles!

I am a happy and delighted mother, and it’s thanks to your team that this miracle has occurred.

How can I ever thank you enough? I cannot find the words or gestures to thank you for all the happiness that I share with my son each and every day, my little marvel, who is a daily source of joy.

Thanks with all my heart.”

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