“It’s the most rewarding thing I have ever done”

Women who choose to donate their eggs are fully aware of the importance of the gesture and how thrilling it is to know they are helping other women

“Es lo más gratificante que he hecho nunca”


Clara decided to donate her eggs because her nephew had been born thanks to assisted reproduction treatment. After spending over a year trying to become a mother naturally, her sister discovered she had fertility problems and would have to resort to medicine in order to become a mum. After a few months of treatment, Sandra got pregnant and nine months later Clara was holding a beautiful baby girl in her arms. Her sister’s gratitude towards the woman who had allowed her to be a mother was what drove Clara to become a donor.

Maria’s case was completely different. “One day, a friend told me how happy she was to be able to help a woman by donating some of her eggs, and one afternoon I went to the clinic to enquire”. “There, Maria was informed about the process, and finally decided to undergo the treatment to donate eggs. In fact, four out of ten donors find out about this option through a friend or acquaintance. “The decision was not as impulsive as say giving blood,” she explains, “however, it’s much more rewarding because it’s a gesture that helps someone fulfill their dream.”

Marta, meanwhile, acknowledges that when she left the clinic after having donated her eggs she began to cry. “Being a mother is the most beautiful thing in the world,” she says, “that’s why knowing that, thanks to me, another woman can experience motherhood, fills me with pride. It is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. “Her case is also quite peculiar because Marta donated eggs after becoming a mother, therefore, having experienced pregnancy, she was totally convinced about the gesture she was making.

A caring and responsible profile

These are just three testimonies among the many donors that have passed through Eugin over the past 15 years helping fulfill the dreams of hundreds of women. But who are these donors?

The majority of egg donors are women aged between 18 and 35 with a caring profile and a high level of responsibility. They are well aware that what they are doing is for someone else and, for this reason, are very careful when it comes to administering the medication so that everything gets done properly. Many come totally altruistically without having previously known any cases of women who have resorted to donor eggs to achieve pregnancy, but there are other cases where a family member has had difficulty conceiving or had children through egg donation and are aware of the importance of the gesture.

“It isn’t that difficult to give this wonderful gift to another woman,” says Cristina. “Hopefully my eggs will help a couple to have children,” says Silvia. And Ana adds: “I am a mother and I know what it feels like, so I want to help other women become one”… The testimonies are all very moving, and their gesture has a large emotional component: to enable a woman who had perhaps ruled out motherhood to be able to fulfill her dream and give birth to a new life.

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