Mother and baby’s health and safety guaranteed

Eugin Clinic’s Ethics Committee sets the maximum age limit at 50 years for access to treatment for fertility treatment

Mother and baby's health and safety guaranteed

At Eugin we have spent more than 15 years helping women to realize their dream of becoming mothers. Our goal is to achieve a pregnancy in which both the child’s and mum’s health are guaranteed. For this reason, Eugin’s Ethics Committee, which is made up of a large multidisciplinary team, sets a limit of 50 years to be able to have access to fertility treatment.

The current legislation in Spain determines that any woman over 18 can make use of the techniques. According to the law, such techniques can be used “provided they do not pose a serious risk to the physical or mental health of the woman or her potential offspring” and “only when there is reasonable prospect of success”.

In accordance with the law, Eugin Clinic recommends IVF treatments with own eggs up to the age of 43 (44 to 46 years, only in specific cases and after medical assessment) and up to 50 years of age for egg recipients. From age 45, the medical team also requests additional medical tests in order to assess the woman’s overall state of health. We want to ensure that the mother-to-be meets the health conditions required to carry a pregnancy to term.

A safe pregnancy

Another aspect that we take very much into account in older mothers is the number of embryos transferred during her IVF treatment. Spanish law allows up to three embryos to be transferred during a treatment, however, at Eugin this option could only be performed in women over 40 who undergo treatment using their own eggs, all with the goal of increasing her chances of pregnancy and never seeking a multiple pregnancy.

For women over 40 who make use of IVF with donor eggs, and given the high pregnancy rates achieved with this technique, they will be offered the possibility of transferring one or two embryos. If there is a risk factor in the pregnancy, the medical team will opt for recommending the transfer of a single embryo.


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