See how we store eggs, semen and embryos

Next-generation tanks guarantee our patients maximum safety, protection and sample conservation

imagen_tanques (2)Freezing (or vitrification) of eggs, semen or embryos is a crucial phase in any assisted reproductive treatment, as it permits these samples to be conserved in optimum conditions. It is essential for them to be conserved intact and completely unaltered, to allow them to maintain all their potential in perfect condition. That way, when the patients need these valuable samples later, they will be able to use them with every guarantee of success.

To conserve them in the best possible condition it is of vital importance to use an efficient freezing or vitrification technique that gives excellent results in terms of survival. The capacity for storing the frozen samples is equally important to allow them to be kept at the same temperature at all times and make sure they will be in optimum conditions.

Liquid nitrogen allows the samples to be conserved in the best possible condition. Its temperature is almost -200° C (-195.8° C, to be exact) and at such a low temperature objects can remain frozen in a permanent state of pause and remain unaltered for many years without any problems. A series of enormous tanks distributed into compartments filled with liquid nitrogen are used to store and classify the samples.

Safety is the main concern

In its ongoing effort to combine technology and safety, EUGIN Clinic strives to ensure that the samples are totally protected. For this reason we store them all in next-generation containers that are completely safe and automatic called vapour phase liquid nitrogen storage tanks.

These tanks are made in Germany and they can store between 13,000 and 30,000 samples each. However, the safety they provide is far more important than their capacity. These containers automatically detect whether the temperature and nitrogen level are correct. As soon as they notice the slightest increase in temperature, their self-regulation system injects more nitrogen through special pipes connected to a huge container filled with liquid nitrogen.

This is what occurs with our tanks. They always contain the necessary amount of nitrogen because they are regulated by an automatic, non-manual system.

In this way, our patients can rest assured that their samples are controlled at all times and that they will remain in the best possible conditions after being thawed.


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