“This new technology provides much more information about embryos, which helps us in making decisions”

This week we interview our embryology expert at the Clinic, Maria José Zamora, to tell us what it means to have EmbryoScope+ in the laboratory

To delve deeper into this new technology that has been recently incorporated into Eugin Clinic we spoke with our Medical Director last week and today we talk to our embryologist:


As an embryologist, what does it mean for you to work with EmbryoScope+ in the laboratory?

For me it means having an opportunity to work with a state-of-the-art incubator that comprises the embryo evaluation morphokinetic algorithms. It gives me technological quality, scientific rigour and confidence.


What does it mean that “the incubator keeps the embryos in optimal development conditions”?

The incubator provides the conditions that the embryo needs for its development, reproducing those of the woman’s body and maintaining them until the moment the embryos are placed in the patient’s uterus on the day of the transfer.


Tell us a little about the procedure of introducing the embryo into the incubator until it is time to remove it.

EmbryoScope+ has twice the capacity and allows us to grow up to 16 embryos from the same patient in the same dish. The dish is specifically designed for use in this incubator and is marked with a bar code label. When the dish is inserted into the incubator it is automatically registered by the system.


What is the advantage of the EmbryoScope+ built-in camera for an embryologist?

The camera enables us to assess the morphology of the embryo at any time and so allow uninterrupted monitoring of its culture without needing to remove it from the incubator.


How does this new technology help embryologists?

It provides much more information about the embryos in order to be able to select the one with the best characteristics for transfer or freezing. It features selection algorithms that also assist embryologists in their decision making.

In addition, prior to this technology, the work of the embryologist depended on the moments of cell division, on the times in which the developmental events of an embryo took place. As EmbryoScope+ records a video of that development, the embryologist’s assessment can be done at any time, thus optimizing workflows in the laboratory.


Describe in one word what an incubator such as EmbryoScope+ means for assisted reproduction.



Do you still have doubts or do you want to find out more? View this article that talks about the 5 most important advantages of EmbryoScope+ and don’t hesitate to ask for advice from our doctors on your first free visit.

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