Arms open to solidarity: Eugin with Proactiva Open Arms

The group formalises its support for the initiative by the Spanish NGO that has saved thousands of refugees’ lives in the Mediterranean with their ship Astral

This morning, in front of the Astral, the Proactiva Open Arms flagship moored at the Badalona dock, the Eugin Group has formalised their support for the NGO, which since September 2015 has been going to the rescue of refugees who arrive in Europe via the Mediterranean fleeing wars, persecution or poverty.

“Today is a special day for us,” explained Eduardo Gonzalez, CEO of the Eugin Group. “We are commemorating the founding of NMC, the hospital group which we belong to, and have taken advantage of this event to do our bit for support organisations dedicated to helping in the global refugee crisis,” he explains.

“All of us in the Eugin Group have not hesitated for one moment in giving our support to Proactiva Open Arms. We are delighted to be able to show our appreciation for their efforts, which is work of incalculable value,” explained Gonzalez.

Proactiva Open Arms was the first NGO specialized in search and rescue, which reached the coast of Lesbos (Greece). Since June 2016, it has also been present in the central Mediterranean Sea with a medical rescue and surveillance boat. Since September 2015, they have helped 143,358 people reach the coast, rescued 10,273 people adrift, 9,067 stuck on coastal cliffs and 475 from the water.

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