Obtaining the semen sample: an intimate and easy step

The clinic offers its patients rooms with maximum privacy

Obtaining the semen sample: an intimate and easy step


Before starting assisted reproductive treatment, the couple is asked to undergo a series of medical tests. One of the most common tests is the semen test: this analyses the quality, quantity and shape of the sperm. A semen sample is necessary to conduct it. Although in principle this is a very simple procedure, it may cause doubts and a certain degree of concern in men.

Above all, it should be remembered that the semen sample can be brought from the man’s home -or from the hotel- or it can be obtained in the clinic. It is habitual for the man to bring a sample on the first visit. This way, following an analysis of his sperm, the medical team can evaluate the situation and determine the most appropriate treatment in each case.

“What should I do before handing over the semen sample?” That is a very common question put to assisted reproduction specialists. Dr. Daniel Mataró from Eugin Clinic says that to obtain a correct diagnosis it is usually necessary to “not have sexual intercourse for between 3 and 5 days”. “Longer or shorter periods of abstinence could alter the quality of the sample and lead to an erroneous diagnosis”, he points out.

How to do it

Maximum privacy is needed to obtain the semen sample. It requires calmness, discretion and privacy. On the other hand the clinic has private rooms that men can enter alone, or if they prefer, accompanied by their partner. Naturally, he can take all the time he needs to obtain it.

These rooms are specially equipped with light dimmers and audiovisual sexual stimulation equipment.


In addition, it is helpful to know that…

– The sample must be obtained by masturbation. To do this, you should first wash your hands and genitals very carefully.

– The sample is collected in full in a small sterile container and then sealed immediately afterwards.

– After obtaining the sample you should press the electronic button to tell the medical staff to come and collect it.

If the patient decides to bring a sample from his home or from the hotel, this must be done within one hour of obtaining it. “After one hour, the parameters of the sample could be altered”, explains Dr. Mataró. In this case, it is essential to deposit the sample in the container previously provided by the Clinic.

On certain occasions, despite the facilities and environmental conditions provided by the clinic, the man may have difficulties in providing the sample. In this case Eugin recommends you tell the clinic staff about your concerns. Other options and alternatives can be used to obtain the semen without any problem.

It makes no difference whether the sample is obtained in the clinic or at home, it will always be properly labelled at Eugin thanks to the double safe IVF Witness system which guarantees sample traceability at all times.

In sum, obtaining the semen sample is a simple procedure that must be carried out in a calm atmosphere. It requires peace and quiet and is just another step in the assisted reproductive treatment process.

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