Preserving your fertility

Thanks to progress in the field of using vitrification to freeze eggs, it is now possible to preserve your own eggs. They will retain their present characteristics, remaining unaltered until, the moment you want to use them.

The technique has two main purposes:

Upon medical recommendation

Certain treatments can have an irreversible effect on the fertility of a woman’s eggs. A doctor will evaluate whether or not it is advisable to use this technique.

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Preserving your fertility on medical recommendation

There are a number of illnesses that can compromise a woman’s reproductive future: neoplastic processes, endometriosis, auto-immune diseases and surgical procedures for benign reasons may diminish a woman’s fertility and consequently make it difficult or impossible to have a child in the future.

Treatments for all these diseases are constantly being developed and improved, resulting in more and more patients being cured.

Neoplasia normally develops at an advanced age, but its prevalence in infancy, adolescence and young adults is not negligible. When it comes to women of a fertile age, or a pre-fertile age, the treatments required to eradicate the disease (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or immunosuppressive treatments) can diminish or even take away their chances of becoming pregnant in the future.

When a woman is diagnosed with a problem, the first thing on her mind is getting better, but health professionals must also bear in mind that when these women overcome their health issues, they will most probably want to have children.

The ovary is a sensitive organ that can be damaged by certain pharmaceutical treatments, especially those used in oncology. The ovaries’ ability to ovulate can be affected and/or the eggs located there may not develop into a healthy embryo.

Various medical organizations have developed guidelines on how to deal with the consequences of these diseases. More specifically, one of the recommendations is to explain to the patient the various options available for preserving fertility.

One of the most reliable techniques for preserving fertility is vitrification. Vitrification allows a woman to become pregnant using her own eggs once she has overcome the disease.

The process consists of stimulating the development of several follicles so that eggs can be obtained under sedation by aspiration. These eggs are then vitrified and conserved, unaltered, until the woman has completed the treatment for her disease and wishes to have a child.

When it comes to women over 40, each case needs to be assessed on an individual basis. At all times, the patient must receive medical evaluation and clear information according to her age and ovarian reserve.

Pharmaceutical treatments for ovarian stimulation are adjusted to suit each individual. In cases of breast cancer for example, doses of oestrogen must be kept to a minimum.

When a woman requires treatment, it is important to take action at the earliest opportunity. At EUGIN Clinic we are very conscious of this and we have a protocol that is specifically designed to ensure that the preservation of fertility does not delay the onset of treatment.

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For social reasons

Fertility decreases naturally with age. Freezing your eggs now allows you to stop this gradual loss of reproductive capacity.

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Last Updated: January, 2016