Insemination of an egg by intracytoplasmic sperm injection

This technique involves the insemination of sperm into each egg by micro-injection. With ICSI, only one sperm is needed per egg.


It can improve the chances of In vitro fertilisation

Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection. IMSI may improve the chances of in vitro fertilization and can be used after several unsuccessful IVFs.


Get directly involved in the development of your embryos

The device allows the future mother to participate directly, and in person, in the development process of her own embryos. It minimises external intervention during the embryo’s development, and in some cases, during fertilisation.


Innovative technique to observe the first hours of life of the Embryo

EmbryoScope+ technology allows the whole sequence of the embryo’s development prior to transfer to be visualized. This innovative technique enables future parents to observe the embryo’s first hours of life.

Egg vitrification

Freeze your eggs until the moment you want to use them

Vitrification is the technique which preserves a determinate number of a woman’s mature eggs. We use the ultra-rapid freezing method, which keeps these cells in an unaltered state over an indefinite period of time.