You could get pregnant in one month and with only 2 visits. It’s that easy as there are no waiting lists and no need for prior medical tests.

Your treatment explained
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1. Your personalised solution and estimate online and free of charge

Once you have completed the EUGIN solution we will tell you which treatment/s would be the most suitable for you, based on the information you give us. By simply completing a brief form with your name and email address, you can register on our website and access your Personal Area. Your personal area is a secure and confidential space containing all the information on your treatment, your detailed estimate (with no obligation and valid for 6 months) and it is where you can conveniently and discreetly carry out all your transactions with the Clinic. Do you need a solution?

2. Requesting your first appointment

At the EUGIN Clinic you can request your first appointment today, with no waiting lists. You can choose a day and time directly from your secure personal area. You do not need any kind of prior medical test because for your convenience we can do these at the Clinic on your first visit and at a reduced cost so you do not have to wait to start your treatment.

3. The first appointment

Once in Barcelona, during your first appointment the doctor will confirm that the treatment described is the most suitable one for you and you can start immediately. This first visit may take a couple of hours and if you have a partner, they have to come with you. We know how important it is for you to be able to express yourself in your own language, so here at the EUGIN Clinic our doctors speak Spanish, Catalan, French, English, Italian, German, Chinese and Japanese.

4. At home (approximately 1 month)

When you return home, everything will be ready for you to start treatment. From the outset and for about one month, we will be monitoring you and telling you what you need to do each step of the way, either by telephone or e-mail. Remember that we are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

5. Your second appointment

When the time comes, we will let you know two or three days beforehand so you can plan your second visit to Barcelona and complete your treatment. At your second appointment, we will carry out the insemination procedure, egg extraction or egg transfer, depending on the treatment. We recommend that you come with your partner (if you have one*), although this is not compulsory. Once the procedure is over, you are free to leave the Clinic after a few hours and get on with everyday life.

* In Spain, the law permits single women without a partner to undergo fertility treatment.

6. And afterwards?

From this moment, nature will take its course. We will be monitoring how things develop and we will be there to help in any way we can.

Last Updated: February 2018