Artificial Insemination

It is a simple technique with a remarkable success rate

Artificial Insemination consists of placing sperm previously selected from a sample in the woman’s uterus.

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Online pre-diagnosis

In Vitro Fertilisation

With IVF an egg can be fertilised with sperm outside the womb

In Vitro Fertilisation is a laboratory technique that enables an egg to be fertilised by a sperm outside the uterus.

Preserving your fertility

Egg freezing techniques by vitrification allow us to preserve your eggs

Thanks to progress in the field of using vitrification to freeze eggs, it is now possible to preserve your own eggs. They will retain their present characteristics, remaining unaltered until, the moment you want to use them.

Egg donation

Egg donation offers the highest rate of pregnancy, as high as 94%

Women’s eggs naturally start losing their ability to be fertilised. It comes to a point where it seems necessary to use other women’s eggs in order to obtain a pregnancy.

Sperm donors

Our donors undergo rigorous medical and psychological checks

In Spain, sperm donation is an altruistic and anonymous act. Donors are young men who undergo rigorous medical and psychological checks, after which only 10% of the candidates will be retained.